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Brother Rann

R. Rakeem Miller, Sr. is an educator with a passion for urban education and a heart for empowering students, families and fellow educators. He is also a husband and a father who is devoted to his family.
He has served as a social studies teacher for the past 6 years in Camden City charter schools. He has experience teaching social studies to grades 5 through 12, mentoring first-year teachers, coaching, writing curricula, facilitating professional development and as an assistant principal of school-wide discipline. Currently, he is a director of a federally funded after-school program in the Woodbury City school district.
Mr. Miller is honored to be married to his wife of 7 years. Their union has yielded 4 beautiful children. He and his family currently reside in Southern, New Jersey.
Mr. Miller is also an author of two books and a contributor to one book. He is the author of The Double D's of Destruction: How Our Distracted and Desensitized Consciousness Is Destroying Our Communities and Failing Our Children and The Cooper Street Offense: A Philosophy for Reaching, Teaching and Discipling Black and Hispanic/Latino Students in Inner City Schools. He is a contributor in Black Male Teachers: Diversifying the United States' Teacher Workforce.
He is a graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey with a B.A. in Political Science and an M.P.A. in Public Policy and Administration. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral degree in Public Affairs and Community Development at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Straight Talk About Parent Engagement

Teachers and administrators alike desire to increase the number of engaged parents it has within its school. When I taught, teachers frequently lamented that not enough parents would show up for parent-teacher conferences; administrators did also. I also heard educators lament that parents weren’t regularly involved in the […]

Doing Data Mindfully

Many educators, particularly school leaders love to use data to inform teacher instruction. The data movement is a popular one; particularly in the age of school reform. Decisions about curriculum, instruction, and assessment tend to be shaped and determined by data. Well, what is the data? Generally, the […]

Beware of the Unseasoned

Disclaimer: This post is for the administrators, however, teachers can gain something from it. Use this knowledge well. Thanksgiving is about three things. First, it is about teaching children the truth; that White settlers gave thanks for the slaughtering of the indigenous. Second, it is a time to […]

Doing Responsibility Responsibly

Schools should teach students how to be responsible and accountable. However, some of the lessons that practitioners come up with aren’t very good. I remember during my last year teaching how the administration changed up the detention model. Originally, if a student received a detention, they had to […]

Are White Teachers Ready?

In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, educators are approaching the new school year with a greater sense of urgency about needing to teach about race and the nation’s history of white supremacy. They’re also talking about the challenge this poses when 80 percent of teachers in K-12 public schools […]

You Don’t Own Your Classroom

I am the director of an after-school and summer program for my school district. We house our program in classrooms in a specified area of the building. During the school day, teachers occupy those rooms. Teachers can be a fickle and possessive group of people. If you give […]

The rs Intersect

Where Race and Sport Intersect at the Point of Commentary

Protect the Melanin

A blog on race, equity, and urban education

Urban Education Mixtape

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"To sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth."

Ernest Cleo Grant, II

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