Quarantined Fathering

I was talking to good friend of mine on the challenges of homeschooling. He is the father of a 2 and a 4-year-old, respectively, and he spoke about the challenges of working while teaching and playing with his kids all hours of the day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many parents, he’s used to … More Quarantined Fathering

Straight Talk About Parent Engagement

Teachers and administrators alike desire to increase the number of engaged parents it has within its school. When I taught, teachers frequently lamented that not enough parents would show up for parent-teacher conferences; administrators did also. I also heard educators lament that parents weren’t regularly involved in the school community; that the only time parents … More Straight Talk About Parent Engagement

Doing Data Mindfully

Many educators, particularly school leaders love to use data to inform teacher instruction. The data movement is a popular one; particularly in the age of school reform. Decisions about curriculum, instruction, and assessment tend to be shaped and determined by data. Well, what is the data? Generally, the data consist of student test scores from … More Doing Data Mindfully

What To Know About The Black Teacher In Your Building

Months ago, the Education Trust released a report titled Through Our Eyes which detailed the experiences and feelings of Black teachers in American public schools. The revelations that Black teachers made in the report echoes many of the thoughts and feelings that I experienced while in the classroom. Most of my Black colleagues shared similar … More What To Know About The Black Teacher In Your Building

College Preparation 2.0

One of the more important things you can do with your student(s) is to prepare them for college. It is important that you, parent(s) and/or guardians, help with college preparation outside of school because your student(s) school may or may not do the best job at preparing your student(s). There are countless horror stories of … More College Preparation 2.0

How To Handle A Fight

Police officers do not belong in schools. However, you may teach at a school where there is probably a school resource officer on the premise. Depending on the population of your school, you may have multiple on the campus. School resource officers are police officers who are assigned to schools to maintain discipline. They are … More How To Handle A Fight

What To Ask At Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conference time is stressful. It is stressful for students, for teachers, for administrators and of course, for you; the parents. Students, specifically those failing or endanger of failing, are fearful of their parents’ reactions when outed by their teachers. Teachers are stressed by the possibility of bad interactions with parents. Administrators are stressed by … More What To Ask At Parent/Teacher Conferences

Some Questions Parents Need to Ask To Teachers And Administration

As a parent of a child of color in any school district, communication with the school is a must. Too often, parents wait until back to school night to step foot inside a school. Unfortunately, there are those who may wait until the first sign of trouble for their student; parent teacher conferences, which usually happen after report cards have been mailed home. As a parent of child in school, you should strive to maintain regular contact with your child’s teachers and administration. … More Some Questions Parents Need to Ask To Teachers And Administration