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1st Marking Period Text

An African American and Latinx History of the United States, by Paul Ortiz

You can purchase this title at the following locations: (1) La Unique African American Bookstore and Cultural Center (Camden, NJ) or (2) Uncle Bobbies Coffee and Books (Philadelphia, PA)

Sept 8, 2021

(1) The Africans in the Making of America: The First Europeans, (2) The Northern European, (3) Most Early Settlers Were Convicts, and (4) Pilgrims As Drunks and Sodomites

Taken from Africa’s Gift to America, by Joel Augustus Rogers

Sept 13, 2021

Fugitive Slaves in Mexico, by Ronnie C. Taylor

The Journal of Negro History, January 1972 Vol 57 No 1 pp 1-12