How to Approach Walkthroughs

Whew, its been a while since I’ve spoken here… let me dust off the cobwebs and see if I remember how to do this… This year, I was “elected” to be the department chair of the humanities; English, Social Studies, the Arts and Foreign Language departments. It sounds prestigious on paper. But it’s just more … More How to Approach Walkthroughs

The Afterschool Program

Teaching afterschool is an awesome opportunity for any educator. You and your students get to see each other in a different light. Also, you have the opportunity to provide students with opportunities to grow and mature in a way that can help them improve as students. Afterschool teaching also gives you an opportunity to improve as an educator. Just make sure if you decide to teach afterschool that you do it for the right reasons. … More The Afterschool Program

Teacher Effectiveness In High Poverty NJ Schools

There is little doubt that teachers can have a major impact on the academic achievement of students. There is research that can back up that assertion. Such research has led school reformers and policymakers to conclude that what high-poverty schools need are more effective teachers. However, the various challenges of high-poverty schools, challenges that are … More Teacher Effectiveness In High Poverty NJ Schools